Monmouthshire Bat Group
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Monmouthshire Bat Group have an active programme of work

In Summer we:

  • Monitor breeding roosts of the Lesser Horseshoe bat (part of the Countryside Council for Wales Lesser Horseshoe Bat Monitoring Programme)

  • Perform feeding/flight surveys of bats (using bat detectors at selected sites eg village walks).

  • Undertake site maintenance to ensure access and suitability for bats at known roosts.

  • Monitor a number of batboxes (similar to birdboxes but designed for bats!)



  • Attend County shows to promote bat awareness and conservation..

  • Run a number of bat walks and similar activities to promote bat awareness and conservation

In Winter we:
  • Monitor hibernation roosts of the Lesser Horseshoe and other bats

All Year round we:
  • Rehabilitate baby and adult bats which have been abandoned, found starving or injured.

Unfortunately, because of our voluntary commitments, we are unable to do commercial survey work.

  Inspecting a batbox in Summer. The glove stops the bats coming out of the rear exit.

  Lesser horseshoe bats hibernating in a Monmouthshire cave in Winter